The Loaned Terminology, set 1

Rhetoric Categories by The Shadow Artist

Edgar Schmitz thinks the institution is not indifferent to the ways in which we describe it. Language produces a certain version of an institution. Therefore, substituting language, re-arranging it, and re-distributing it, causes different ways of constructing the infrastructure of the institution.

The Loaned Terminology

They should lend themselves to being applied whenever and wherever it seems useful to test them and make them do some work. They will work metaphorically sometimes, and very literally at others, and that is a good thing.

And whilst I loan them, you decide how to animate them also, in the way you feed them into the conversations and processes where you might need them, for Netwerk Aalst at large and in view of the Unreliable Protagonist.

– Edgar Schmitz

1. Choreography

(in relation to / coming out of / as a displacement for ‘curating’ and, on a larger scale, ideas of ‘authorship’ we are trying to think as no longer singular but plural)

2. Infrastructure

(in relation to / coming out of / as a displacement for a notion of the ‘institution’ as though it were a solid, settled and available entity)

3. Aggregate States

(in relation to / coming out of / as a displacement for thinking about the architectural materiality of a situation like Netwerk Aalst, and as a way to start thinking about the different aggregate states of a work, an attitude, a building, a network, a set of infrastructural enablers)