These Sales Conditions apply to the sale of all purchases for non-professional purposes of Tickets via the Website. Placing an order via Netwerk’s online ticketing platform implies that the Customer consulted these Conditions and explicitly accepts their applicability, to the exclusion of all other conditions.

1. Tickets

These General Sales Conditions are applicable to all purchases of film tickets via Netwerk’s online ticketing platform (hereafter “Tickets”).

2. Website

“Website” refers to the website and the websites that are part of this website, including Netwerk’s online ticketing platform (Jewellabs).

3. Netwerk vzw

Netwerk vzw is an association under Belgian law with its registered office at Houtkaai 14, 9300 Aalst and registered in the Dendermonde Register of Legal Persons with company number BTW BE 0421.393.536.
For complaints, questions or problems concerning the purchase of tickets, you can contact Netwerk vzw as follows:
Telephone: 32 (0) 53 70 97 73

4. Customer

“Customer” is every person or company that purchases Tickets via the Website for non-professional purposes.
By going through the sales process and placing the order, the Customer confirms that they have the necessary authority to enter into this agreement, or at least have the authorisation of their guardian or representative.

5. Product information

On the website, Netwerk makes all the necessary information available concerning the Tickets, such as the prices valid at the time of purchase, programme information when purchasing the Tickets, and the validity period and other related conditions of use. The prices specified include all costs associated with the purchase, delivery and use of the Tickets, unless explicitly stated otherwise on the Website. Information concerning the use of Tickets can also be provided in the purchase and admission ticket received by the Customer.
Each use of the Tickets is furthermore subject to the domestic regulations of Netwerk.

6. Sales process

The Customer can purchase Tickets via the Website and must complete the steps described there, such as specifying the desired Tickets and the desired quantity, going through the payment procedure and filling in the personal details required for, amongst other things, receipt of the purchase and entry ticket and the electronic delivery of the Tickets. Each step in the sales process is explained on the Website. The Customer has the option of checking and adapting their order before paying.

During the purchase, the Customer shall take note of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the privacy statement. The purchase of Tickets is impossible without acceptance of these conditions and the privacy declaration.[*]

7. Payment

The Tickets can be paid by means of the online payment methods made available on the Website. The Customer is responsible for the costs charged by their financial institution for the transfer of the purchase amount to Netwerk vzw.

If the Customer is eligible for a reduced rate, as communicated on the Website, Netwerk vzw is entitled to ask for documentary evidence in order to verify Customer’s right to a reduced rate.

All purchases are immediately payable. Netwerk vzw reserves the right to refuse orders or to cancel them if there is evidence of fraud. Netwerk vzw is also entitled to refuse an order (in writing) as a result of a serious shortcoming of the Customer regarding the order or any other order or agreement in which the Customer is involved.

8. Delivery

Unless explicitly stated otherwise on the Website, Tickets will always be delivered electronically, for instance by sending a purchase and admission ticket to the e-mail address specified by the Customer. The Customer is responsible for the validity of the e-mail address provided and must ensure that the e-mail programme used to receive the Tickets works properly and is secure. The risk of loss of Tickets sent electronically is transferred to the Customer at the moment at which the e-mail is delivered to the Customer’s provider.

The Customer is always sent a proof of purchase by e-mail with a summary of the most important details of the purchase. The Customer is responsible for keeping this e-mail. If the Customer does not receive a confirmation of purchase, they can contact Netwerk at the e-mail address mentioned in article 3 of these conditions.

Every confirmation of the purchase of Tickets contains an admission ticket with the access code that entitles the Customer to reception at Netwerk Aalst. The Customer must print this admission ticket before coming to Netwerk Aalst. Only the possession of a valid ticket will give access to the cinema.

Every admission ticket is unique, cannot be adapted or copied and, unless explicitly stated otherwise, can only be used once.

9. Right of withdrawal

When purchasing Tickets and thus reserving seats for a specific film screening or for a special event, the Customer does not have a right of withdrawal. Tickets are also not exchangeable.

10. Liability

Netwerk guarantees that the Tickets have the characteristics that were mentioned on the Website. When purchasing Tickets, the availability of seats for the film chosen by the Customer is shown on the Website in real time. Netwerk does not guarantee that the film programme will remain unchanged for a certain period.

Only in the case of technical faults in the Website which lead to the Customer not receiving the purchased Tickets at the indicated e-mail address or an unexpected cancellation of the screening for which the tickets were ordered, Netwerk vzw will proceed to refund the purchased Tickets within a period of no more than 30 thirty days.

Netwerk vzw’s liability is in any case limited to the value of the purchased Tickets.

The Customer is personally liable for errors in the purchase process, such as entering an incorrect e-mail address, specifying the wrong quantity of Tickets or characteristics of the Tickets (such as type of Ticket, choice of film, place of screening, time of screening or reserved seats). The Customer shall also be liable for the use made of Tickets, such as loss, theft, failure to use Tickets in time, allowing other persons to use Tickets without the Customer’s permission, or any unlawful use of Tickets.

11. Personal data

In order to process and execute the purchase, Netwerk needs a number of personal details.

The data collected during a purchase are collected and processed by or on behalf of Netwerk vzw.

You can exercise your right of refusal of use for direct marketing, as well as your right of access, control, correction and deletion by sending an e-mail to Netwerk vzw at or by letter to Netwerk vzw, Houtkaai 15, 9300 Aalst, each time accompanied by a copy of your identity card.

You can read about our privacy policy in our privacy policy.

12. Affection of validity – non-waivers

If any provision of these Conditions is held to be invalid, unlawful or void, this will not affect in any way the validity, legality and applicability of the other provisions. The failure at any time by […] to enforce any of the rights enumerated in these Conditions, or to exercise any of them, shall never be considered a waiver of such provision and shall not affect the validity of these rights.

13. Modification of these Conditions of Sale

Netwerk vzw retains the right to change these General Terms and Conditions of Sale at every moment, without notification, amongst others to adapt them to a modified service or to the changes in the legal and regulatory requirements. Any purchase made after the amendment implies acceptance of these new Terms and Conditions by the Customer.

The Customer can find the General Terms and Conditions applicable to each purchase on the Website.

14. Documentary evidence

The Customer accepts that electronic communications and backups may serve as evidence.

15. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Belgian law shall apply, with the exception of the provisions of international private law concerning applicable law and the Rome I Regulation on international sales contracts for movable goods. Any disputes shall be settled exclusively by the courts of Dendermonde.

If any part of these terms and conditions, which constitute the agreement between the parties, should be illegal or null and void for any reason whatsoever, this shall not affect the validity of the other parts of the agreement, unless the agreement could not continue without this null and void clause.

[*]From 1 January 2020, the new law on evidence will apply and knowledge clauses will no longer be possible in this form => explicit consent will be necessary