Two events organised by Ghislaine Leung using her long-term collaborative writing workshop Your Words in My Mouth | My Voice on Your Tongue.

VIOLETS 1 consists of two events organised by Ghislaine Leung, using her long-term collaborative writing workshop Your Words in My Mouth | My Voice on Your Tongue.

For VIOLETS 1, Ghislaine Leung has adapted the workshop for Netwerk Aalst in order to work with existing groups that constitutes the institution. The first private session in Netwerk Aalst focused on working with staff members from Netwerk Aalst. The second public session was held with children and parent/guardian groups.

Your Words in My Mouth | My Voice on Your Tongue is a series of transcriptive exercises in reading and writing in its most material form. Working to take twenty minute turns in partners or small groups, one person speaks and the other transcribes verbatim, inclusive of all pausing and repetition. The exercise is not about generating content, as much as its about tuning into what is already present in the materials around you; your surroundings, how your body feels, your thoughts at that moment in time, and the sounds you hear. The result is an non and co-authored text, in which the incidental power relations of anecdotal speech and editorial structure are obliquely palpable.

VIOLETS is a long term project Ghislaine Leung develops for Netwerk Aalst that exists as a series of workshops, interventions and installations. They comprise exercises in transcribing, editing, and rescaling, to explore the possibilities of non-singular constitution in the development of formal languages and given infrastructures.

VIOLETS addresses economies of value, questioning how so-called neutral structures, from exhibition architecture to institutional set-ups, are often politically charged forms. Ghislaine Leung describes VIOLETS as a physical exercise in structural and material constituting.

Read the instructions for the workshop Your Words in My Mouth | My Voice on Your Tongue here.