Workshop Colonial Monuments

Monuments have played a major role in representing narratives of information control and oppression in the public space. In this manner, they embody the past for the present in society. They shape the collective memory and have a huge impact on the experience and image of a place. Nevertheless, they are rarely subject of critical analysis and public debate.

Through the workshop Colonial Monuments we instigate the debate by creating a space for critical and creative reflection with migrants and refugees, a group that lacks representation in this society. It will combine group discussions and collective creativity as methods to analyse colonial representations in Belgium and Europe and how these representations are connected to practices of racism that migrants and refugees face today.

The workshop will result in a design for an anticolonial monument-mural that on a later date will be painted in the public space.

The workshop will be coordinated by Daniel Ortiz and attended by Yuderkys Espinosa and Walter Andino.

Walter Andino studied sociology and philosophy in Honduras and international development and intercultural management in Belgium. He is active at the non-profit organizations Motief, Minderhedenforum and Movement X. As an activist, he fights for a fair and inclusive intercultural society, free of racism and exclusion.

Yuderkys Espinosa is an activist, academic and one of the leading voices in the field of Decolonial Feminism. She is co-founder of the Grupo Latinoamericano de Estudios y Acción en Sexualidades, Género y Cultura (GLEFAS) and co-editor of the volume Tejiendo de otro modo: Feminismo, epistemología y apuestas decoloniales en Abya Yala. Her work has been published in a wide range of international journals and she has been invited as a visiting professor by universities all over the world.


  • Maximum participants: 15 persons
  • Workshop starts at XXX AM and lasts 6 hours
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