Heribert Friedl / Konrad Smoleński / Rutger Zuydervelt + lokale muzikanten

Opening solo exhibition I am not here, but you know it s me! by Heribert Friedl.

Sound performance by Heribert Friedl
Alongside his installations, objects, photos and drawings, Heribert Friedl also makes quiet subtle music, solo or in collaboration with Bernhard Günter, Dale Lloyd, Will Montgomery and John Norman (Radian). In 2007, his track, Air Is What We Breathe In, appeared in the Room40* label compilation, Airport Symphony – Virtual Terminal. He also runs the NonVisualObjects label.

Performance installation Konrad Smoleński
Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More is a sculptural instrument that plays a piece of music each day, written for two bronze bells, two speaker walls and a resonating object.

Performance Rutger Zuydervelt + local musicians
Rutger Zuydervelt presents Stay Tuned, a sound installation for eight speakers that incorpo- rates a variety of instruments, techniques and styles. In this piece, more than 150 musicians and singers tune to concert pitch (the note ‘A’ or ‘la’). During the performance Play Tuned, the installation will be live activated by local musicians.

The exhibition Orkest! with Oliver Beer, Rubén D’hers, Nicolas Field, Julian Sartorius, Michael Schmid, Konrad Smoleński and Rutger Zuydervelt will be open during this event.

*On Saturday, January 24th, Room40 is invited in Netwerk.

20:00 performance Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More
20:45 performance Heribert Friedl
21:30 performance / concert Play Tuned


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Heribert Friedl

I am not here, but you know it's me!



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Heribert Friedl

I am not here, ut you know it's me!