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15 jaar Room40

Lawrence English / Rafael Anton Irisarri / John Chantler

Room40, the prestigious Australian label marks its 15th anniversary with a yearlong, worldwide celebration led by its founder, Lawrence English together his friends. In Europe, the tour stops in Prague, London, Copenhagen, Basel, … and in Aalst.
The modular synth maestro John Chantler and American composer Rafael Anton Irisarri will join English: an ideal addition to the group exhibition Orkest! in Netwerk.

Lawrence English is a writer, composer, sound artist and curator of exhibitions, a true multi-media artist. In his compositions he focuses on hidden sounds and noises that are not immediately noticed, or those that entail a very specific tonality. English isolates these sounds and noises, edits and enhance them, thus placing them in a new sound perspective. The result is a music that is experimental electronic, moving between drones and musique concrete. In addition, Lawrence English has worked with musicians such as David Toop, Scanner, Francesco Lopez and Stephen Vitiello.

Rafael Anton Irisarri is a composer of melancholy works in which drone, electronics, piano and field recordings intersect. We also know him as, The Sight Below, a supplier of filigree-techno. On the Room40 label, Rafael revealed new sounds in the unintentional masterpiece, The Sea, a suite inspired by the Salton Sea – a saltwater lake that was accidentally created by a diversion of the Colorado River. The album crackles and creaks electronically over and in between wavy ambient and natural sounds of field recording. Irisarri places his scenic vistas into drones that will interface with Fennesz and also the quieter resorts of Aphex Twin.

John Chantler is an Australian sound artist / musician based in London. With his homemade modular synths he explores the sound spectrum of minimalism to psychedelic sound carpets.


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I am not here, but you know it's me!

Heribert Friedl

I am not here, ut you know it's me!