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Heribert Friedl

I am not here, but you know it's me!

Opening SA 17.01.2015 20:00

Heribert Friedl focuses on developing an artistic practice in which the concept of the “nonvisualobjects” is central. In recent years he has travelled afar mainly exploring the sense of smell and using those infinite olfactory possibilities in designing of interactive scent-installations. With an arsenal of fragrances, he always knows how to utilise minimal visual creations in skillfully playing the multifaceted imagination of every exhibition visitor.

In I am not here, but you know it’s me, Heribert Friedl will on the one hand extract a custom-sized installation in the Netwerk Pakhuis, from his extensive archive of odours and on the other hand he will try to combine these scents with another layer of minimal visual objects, which are representing the presence of the absence. He is thus inspired by the atmosphere of the post-industrial exhibition spaces in Netwerk, by the history of the building itself and by the parallel group exhibition “Orkest!”, where the interference between sound-work also provides a non-visual experience.

Alongside his installations, objects, photos and drawings, Heribert Friedl also makes quiet subtle music, solo or in collaboration with Bernhard Günter, Dale Lloyd, Will Montgomery and John Norman (Radian). In 2007, his track, Air Is What We Breathe In, appeared in the Room40 label compilation, Airport Symphony – Virtual Terminal. He also runs the NonVisualObjects label. On Saturday, January 24th, Room40 is invited in Netwerk.


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Heribert Friedl

I am not here, ut you know it's me!