Shifting Territories – Fabulating the domestic landscape

performative nomadic project by Every Island en Bebe Books

Join us on August 26 in Aalst and August 27 in Brussels to experience “Shifting Territories”, a performative nomadic project developed by Every Island and Bebe Books.

The project takes a stand on the domestic spaces: aiming to challenge the stigma around domesticity through a queer approach, it explores and tests ways of belonging in urban leftover spaces.

In a changing urban environment, the lines between public and private spaces are becoming less distinct. “Shifting Territories” invites a shared action to reconsider the notion of belonging and space. Using urban natural space as a mediator, we aim to explore the interactions that shape our sense of home, through a series of collective workshops and performative experiences.

The event will take place in two settings over two days, Saturday in Aalst and Sunday in Brussels. Shifting Territories is a project from a joint idea and venture of Every Island and Bebe Books: event programmation by Bebe Books, installation design by Every Island. Below a program of the days, which will follow the same.


14:00 collective set-up and introduction project by Every Island & Bebe Books
15:00 Lube workshop by Cee Fulleman
15:30 Claire Stragier
16:15 (tbc)
16:30 Nixie, Eddy & Bobby
17:15 Prutsklub Flower Pounding
18:00 barbeque and drinks

This project was made possible with the support of Flanders State of the Art, Fédération Wallonie – Bruxelles, Netwerk Aalst, Stad Aalst, Bruxelles Environnement, Marais Wiels, Sew for life and Bloom Zomerbar.

Zaterdag 26 augustus:

Bleekveld 1, 9300 Aalst


Zondag 27 augustus:

Avenue Van Volxem 354, 1190 Brussel

26.08.2023 14:00—18:00