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Bebe Books is an artistic collective dedicated to constant experimentation, grounded in shared values of care, friendship, and diversity within the realms of graphic design and publishing. By fostering collaboration, they challenge the prevailing notion of the artist as an individual genius, famously critiqued by Ursula K. Le Guin as “the narrative of the arrow or the spear.”

Traditionally, heroic narratives spotlight a central figure wielding a potent weapon like an arrow or spear to overcome challenges. Le Guin criticized this limited narrative structure, arguing that it is precisely the values of community, cooperation, and interconnectedness that lead to victories.

In addition to embracing diverse gender identities, Bebe Books channels its creative energy and resources to establish spaces—whether in the form of a book, a bar, a temple, or a political campaign—where marginalized experiences and voices are authentically represented. They not only self-identify as queer but also actively translate inclusive principles into practice, ensuring that everyone feels welcomed and engaged.

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Shifting Territories – Fabulating the domestic landscape

performative nomadic project by Every Island en Bebe Books


A Room of Bebe’s Own

A functional replica of the BebeBooks studio as a refuge within NW


Create puffy weapons shields with Bebe Books and Amber Hoogland

Night Live

Party by Bobby Brim, Unos and Bebe Books Dj's