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Balancing Acts 

Günbike Erdemir, Diego Herman, Shen Özdemir, Souhaïla Maalem, Brahim Tall, Fatemeh Towhidloo, Diane Marie Uwase 

The group exhibition ‘Balancing Acts’ assembles seven artists who engage with the status of labour in contemporary society. Bringing together video, painting and installation, the exhibition creates a collection of heterogeneous imagery, shedding light on the different facets of work, including emotional and reproductive labour, domesticity, leisure time, sex work and folklore.

The title ‘Balancing Acts’ evokes the interplay between various aspects of labour and life. It hints at the delicate equilibrium required to navigate the complexities of work, personal well-being, societal expectations and inclusivity. The title implies the juggling act artists perform in managing the demands of work, self-value and societal roles.

By presenting diverse voices and experiences, the exhibition aims to inspire understanding and solidarity, advocating for a fairer, kinder society. It advocates for the right to thrive in conditions that are nurturing and supportive and emphasises the importance of acceptance in all areas of work that shape our lives and communities.

‘Balancing Acts’ is the culmination of a two-year collaboration with the artists who participated in POC POC, the mentorship program of The Constant Now, founded by Magali Elali. The exhibition is collaborative and developmental in nature: the artists take the space to articulate, explore, and question their perspectives on work, progress, and their place within the art world. This edition of POC POC is supported by Flanders-State of the Art and the development program of Kunsthal Gent in 2023-2024. Mentors are: Danielle Van Zuijlen, Sorana Munsya, and Joachim Naudts.