What does hospitality mean? This question is central during Katinka de Jonge's residency, which builds upon the traditions of working with textiles.

What is hospitality? This question is central in the CAR-PET project. The residency consists of a series of 10 workshops with people from fourth-world groups in Aalst, Babbelonië Lede, Refu Interim Aalst, and Vredeshuis Aalst. Special thanks to the ladies from the knitting club for finishing the carpet.

Building upon the existing traditions of working with textiles, which are woven into the history of the building where NW is located, and are also present in various groups currently using NW’s spaces, a space is being set up for designing and producing a carpet. This carpet is seen as a vehicle for encounters and a connector of stories, both during the creation process and afterward. Everyone participating in making the carpet can shape a piece in their own way, illustrating a personal story or symbolizing something of particular significance to them.

Once the carpet is completed and laid out in NW, it creates a space with its own rules. It becomes a zone for encounters, where the established roles of guest and host are questioned and can shift. Who is the guest of whom? The fixed roles of artist versus participant, institution versus public, Belgian versus non-Belgian are blurred. In this space, everyone can be both a host and a guest, and together we explore the boundaries of hospitality and share the carpet space. Azaam Masoumzadeh will incorporate this into a publication in the form of an ‘instruction manual’ for the carpet.

The festive inauguration of CAR-PET will take place on Sunday, March 24th, at Lokaal Dendy. CAR-PET is a project by Katinka de Jonge in collaboration with Elien Ronse, Maaike Van den Abbeele, Adriana Barcenas, and Azam Masoumzadeh.

Thank you to all of the participants:

Via Babbelonië:

Younes Omar,

Ali Chikho,

Chris Annaert,

Hilda Wuyts,

Olena Shyriaieva,

Valentina Dvozianenko,

Amina Alabsi,

Lieve Schoot,

Grazia Merlo,

Karolina Bavykina,

Ebtissam Alaref,

Leon Bakhash,

Kinda Katat,

Jo Maebe,

Gaffar Onur Gürbüz,

Mohammed Sabir Safi,

Veerle Merckx.

Esra Tezel,

Stephanie Loewenthal,

Mohammed Sabir Safi,

Nahida Safi,

Anais Urbina, 

Mayrla Eunice Da Silva Diniz,

Olena Shyriaieva

Ginny Jongen

Via Refu Interim:

Özlem Ünal

Mohammed Khorsheed Haji

Ayhan Karabulut

Elif Tirabzonlu

Fedaa Al Saleh

Ebtissam Alaref

Khaled Zaino

Amina Al Absi

Fahmi Sleman

Nimatalai Falana

Chymene Flore Jile

Ali Tepe

Khalil Haj

Elena Rodina

Jeanine Nsona Makay

Ranwa Hito

Lena Sissokho

Hynor Gjïka

Merve Tepe

Jeanine Nsona Makay

Elida Licollari

en Stina Piron


Via het Vredeshuis:

Linda Demeulenaere 

Stefaan Van den Abbeele


Via de vierde wereld:

Sylvia Cassiman

Christin Mathieu

Aleide Reynders

Linda Vercauteren

Sonja Van Stichel

Sonja Van de Vijver

Machteld Van den Broeck

Huguette Byl

Annie Colpaert

Tony Pauwels

Tamara Hauwelaert

David Devroey

Cinthia Van der Biest

Jarno De Coster