Kitchen Stories

Swinguerra Edition

Swinguerra, the closing event of Ritual in Transfigured Time, is accompanied by a new edition of Kitchen Stories, entirely in the theme of South American as well as hip-hop culture.

Kitchen Stories is a long-term project that brings different people and initiatives together. Cooking and eating as a means of connection, ritual and conversation. Kitchen Stories is created and experienced in and around the NW kitchen in collaboration with artists, volunteers and organisations. As a visitor, you can enjoy the food that is being made and support the next edition of Kitchen Stories. 

This edition is taken in hand by some people from the Latin American community in Aalst. They will serve enchiladas their way, made with locally grown vegetables from De Loods. For the occasion, the bar’s offerings will be expanded to include Brazilian-inspired cocktails and mocktails.

18:30 – 20:30
Dig in to Brazilian dish ‘Picadinho de cogumelo & Salgados de fruta’

No reservation needed.
Price 8 Eur, or 1 meal included in the Swinguerra day pass (20 EUR via the ticketlink, including all 4 film programmes).

On this occasion, we are also serving Brazilian drinks:

Caipirinha cocktail, 8 Eur
Caipirinha, mocktail (alcohol free), 4 Eur
Watermelon & lime Slush, mocktail (alcohol free), 4 Eur

25.05.2024 12:00—22:00