Create puffy weapons shields with Bebe Books and Amber Hoogland

Amber Hoogland is an artist who blends personal memories, online imagery, and found objects into a unique artistic expression. Growing up surrounded by the internet and religion, she merges childhood influences with symbolism and digital treasures to create a deeply personal aesthetic.

During the Prutsklub, participants will craft their own Puffy weapons shields under Amber’s guidance. Amber’s art blurs the line between borrowed images and her own experiences, creating a rich tapestry of identity and femininity. Through her work, she explores the power of feminine imagery, combining delicate elements like pink ribbons with rough textures to evoke both vulnerability and strength.

Max. 15 participants, Age 14+ (or accompanied by adult)

Location: Bebe Books Studio, +1

23.03.2024 14:00—16:00

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